Rogue Darts


Spring registration is Monday, Mar 2nd!


We will be returning to Pitcher's this spring, and again anticipate 27-32, 4-person teams. So, please let your friends know to come join us!


Thanks to all that joined Rogue Darts and Rogue Cornhole for our inaugural year at Sin City Classic in Las Vegas. Through our tournaments, we were able to raise more than $2,250 for charity!

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Congratulations to Fall 2019 Winners!

Special Awards

Social Media - Killer Crickets; $250 - Casa Ruby
Miss Congeniality - Four Score; $250 - Humane Rescue Alliance


Champions - Something to Shoot For; $1,250 - SMYAL
2nd Place - Agador Dartacus; $1,000 - Team DC Scholarship Fund
3rd Place - The Golden Hurls; $750 - SMYAL
4th Place - Dart Society; $500 - Wanda Alston Foundation

Division Winners

Boxers Division
1st Place - Agador Dartacus; $500 - Team DC Scholarship Fund
2nd Place - Darte Blanche; $250 - GenOut Youth Chorus

Briefs Division
1st Place - Something to Shoot For; $500 - SMYAL
2nd Place - The Golden Hurls; $250 - SMYAL

Jocks Division
1st Place - Dart Vaders; $500 - Alzheimer's Association
2nd Place - Coalminer's Darter; $250 - Planned Parenthood