Rogue Darts


Fall registration is Monday, August 5th!


Tuesday Night Flights will be returning to Pitchers this fall! Different from last season, we will be playing UPSTAIRS in First Base, not on the dance floor. We will also be adding an additional divison of 8 teams! So, please let your friends know to come join us!

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Congratulations to Spring 2019 Winners!

Special Awards

Social Media - Becky w/ the Good Darts; $250 - City Dogs Rescue & City Kitties
Miss Congeniality - A Dart of Her Own; $250 - Fort DuPont Ice Rink Renovation


1st Place - Becky w/ the Good Darts; $1,250 - City Dogs Rescue & City Kitties
2nd Place - The Last Bullseye; $1,000 - Whitman-Walker Health
3rd Place - Growers, Showers, & Throwers; $750 - The Genout Youth Chorus
4th Place - The Dart Knights; $500 - Team DC Scholarship Fund

Division Winners

Boxers Division
1st Place - The Golden Hurls
2nd Place - The Last Bullseye

Briefs Division
1st Place - Wrist Flickers
2nd Place - Becky with the Good Darts

Jocks Division
1st Place - Rusty Trombones
2nd Place - Four Score